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Dr. Eugene Mallove, NEF Founder
There is almost no area of human activity that would not be dramatically affected by the advent of new energy technology— especially matters of war or peace and health and the environment.
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The Mission
The New Energy Foundation was formed to: act as a catalyst for advancing and disseminating knowledge and understanding of all facets of new energy, new science and new physics; promote a proactive exchange of ideas and promulgate advances in research; support research, theory and experimentation in the new energy field via assessments, guidance, publicity and grants.

What is the New Energy Foundation?
The New Energy Foundation (NEF) is a non-profit corporation, formed in late 2002 and based in the State of New Hampshire. It is approved by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity, therefore contributions are tax deductible.

The NEF (and its for-profit predecessor, Cold Fusion Technology) was founded by the late Dr. Eugene Mallove who, until his murder in May 2004, was the leading proponent of new energy/new science. His advocacy for the new energy field was unrivaled. The Foundation continues after his death as a testament to his life’s work and his commitment to unearthing new sources of energy and new paradigms in science. (Please visit the Gene Mallove Collection for more information about Gene's life and writings by Gene.)

The NEF sees as its major goals the following: To provide a publication forum for new energy researchers and experimentalists in Infinite Energy, its bi-monthly magazine published since 1995. To provide grants to applicants who meet the appropriate criteria set forth in the “Apply for Grants” section. To provide assessments, when possible, of new energy work and to assist researchers in a myriad of ways.

Grants Awarded by the New Energy Foundation
Since 2003, the New Energy Foundation has awarded (through the generosity of donors) over $1.7 million in grants. Grants have been awarded to more than 40 researchers and organizations.

Projects funded include: experimental work in low-energy nuclear reactions and new energy; internet archives of cold fusion material; publications specific to cold fusion/new energy; cold fusion conferences; oral history and archival projects.

Why your support counts!
Infinite Energy revenues (magazine, book and video sales) fall far short of what it costs to carry on a publication that is at the frontier of knowledge and to support the operation of the Foundation, without even projecting for projects we would like to fund. Most magazines receive the majority of their revenue from advertising, but in the new energy field no significant advertising base yet exists. Hence, we rely on the generosity of donors to help us support new energy projects and continue publication of Infinite Energy.

Here is the other basic motivation for NEF: It has been far too difficult (so far) to persuade venture capital to invest in new energy technology that is not quite ready yet for "prime time," so the vicious Catch 22 ("We won't invest because it is not successful already"!) must be broken. We appeal to the humanitarian and charitable instincts of those in a position to invest charitably in the most fundamental aspect of our future: The triumph of truth over falsehood on the frontiers of science—in which the new energy field, in our view, will be the first paradigm-shattering example.

What we have today in the fiery menace of hydrocarbon fuels and its associated geopolitical nightmare is very ugly indeed. There is almost no area of human activity that would not be dramatically affected by the advent of new energy technology—especially matters of war or peace and health and the environment. Therefore, providing tax-deductible support to the New Energy Foundation should be thought of as a significant investment in your future, that of your loved ones, and civilization at large. If you doubt this, just try to imagine our world 10, 20 or 50 years hence without the advent of a dramatic source of new energy such as cold fusion (low-energy nuclear reactions), aether energy (or zero-point Energy/space energy/vacuum energy, if you prefer), or some other very powerful new physics energy source! It's not a pretty picture.
Please support the New Energy Foundation with your tax-deductible contribution.

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