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Author Instructions


Infinite Energy accepts papers of any length for consideration, including but not limited to these topics: Experimental Results in Cold Fusion and New Energy; Theoretical Ideas Related to New Science; Experiments in New Energy; Historical Articles/Opinions of Science and Technology; Conventional or Alternative Energy Advances; Book Reviews; Opinions/Letters to the Editor.

Infinite Energy editors try to complete manuscript reviews within three months at most, though occasionally greater delays are experienced. Authors will receive confirmation that the paper has been received, and will be notified as soon as any decision is made. If papers are accepted, the author will be told the expected (though subject to change) publication schedule, and will receive a galley proof before that issue goes to press.

  • Email submissions are preferred, with documents to be sent in Word or PDF format as attachments. When possible, send both Word and PDF files. Please be sure to include complete contact information for all authors in either the body of the email, or on the manuscript itself. Provide a short biography of all authors, either appended to the end of the paper or as a separate file attachment.

  • If sending a submission via mail, provide two hard copies and a CD containing all text documents and high-resolution images (JPG or TIF). Provide an email address (if any) and complete contact information. We prefer to receive mailed submissions only if an author does not have access to email.

  • Artwork will be printed in black and white, so please take that into consideration when making graphs. Photographs will be published in black and white (unless used on the cover), but color copies should be used within the document. Typically we can extract high-resolution images (figures and photos) from the Word/PDF file, but in some cases authors will be asked to provide images directly.

Format Sample for References
For Magazine or Journal Articles
1. Barber, B. 1961. “Resistance by Scientists to Scientific Discovery,” Science, 134, 596-602.

For Books
2. Lapp, R.E. and Andrews, H.L. 1992. Nuclear Radiation Physics, Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, p. 36.

For Conference Proceedings
3. Karabut, A.B., Kucherov, Ya.R., and Savvatimova, L.B. 1992. “Possible Nuclear Reactions Mechanisms at Glow Discharge in Deuterium,” Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Cold Fusion, October 21-25, Nagoya, Japan, p. 165.

Send Papers To: 
Christy L. Frazier, Managing Editor
Infinite Energy Magazine
P.O. Box 2816,
Concord, NH 03302-2816
Phone: 603.485.4700