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Cold Fusion in the News
Since cold fusion first burst into the news on March 23, 1989 with the press conference by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, media coverage of the field has been mixed. In this section we document some of the more recent high-profile coverage it has received.

08/27/2023 ICCF25 Conference
The 25th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF25) was held for the first time in Poland in August 2023.

02/17/23 U.S. Department of Energy ARPA-E Program Awards $10 Million for LENR Projects
Te U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) announced that eight research teams will receive funding from a $10 million program for LENR Research.

09/15/22 Cold Fusion Comic Book
Learn more about the limited edition comic book Discover Cold Fusion by author Ruby Carat and artist Matt Howarth, and read the interview with author Ruby Carat in IE 151/152.

07/25/22 ICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit
The 24th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF24) was held in Mountain View, California from July 25-28, 2022.

10/20/21 Ludwik Kowalski Obituary and Website Archive
Dr. Ludwik Kowalski passed away on October 20, 2021. Read the obituary by Thomas Grimshaw that appeared in Issue 159. Kowalski’s "Learn Cold Fusion" website archive is also housed on the IE site.

09/04/21 14th International Italian Workshop
The 14th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals was held from August 29 to September 1, 2021 in Angeli, Italy. The organizers have provided videos of the presentations.

12/01/19 New Book on Tesla-Inspired New Energy Inventors
The 2019 book Hidden Energy: Tesla-Inspired Inventors and a Mindful Path to Energy Abundance (Jeane Manning and Susan Manewich) covers the work of various new energy inventors. See a short review. The book is available from Infinite Energy.

03/05/19 Cold Fusion Colloquium at MIT
The 2019 Cold Fusion/LANR Colloquium marks the 30th anniversary of the initial cold fusion announcement on March 23, 1989 by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons. It will be held on March 23-24, 2019 at MIT (location TBD). For information and registration, visit the JET Energy page.

03/04/19 Cold Fusion at 30
Huw Price on the site 3 Quarks Daily writes about the cold fusion field in “Icebergs in the Room? Cold Fusion at 30”.

01/01/19 ICCF22 Announced
The 22nd International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF22) is scheduled for September 8-13, 2019 at the Hotel and Conference Centre Domus in Assisi, Italy. See the ISCMNS website for more information.

06/03/18 ICCF21 Coverage

05/01/18 Miles & Fleischmann Letter Collection

05/01/18 Collection of Letters Between Melvin Miles and Martin Fleischmann

01/01/17 The Rossi / Industrial Heat Lawsuit

11/18/16 Photos from ICCF20

07/27/16 Judge’s Decision on Industrial Heat Motion to Dismiss Rossi Complaint

07/18/16 Foreign Policy Magazine Story on Gene Mallove

07/13/16 Melvin Miles: The Correlation of Excess Heat and Helium (Cold Fusion Now New Video)

06/14/16 House Committee Requires LENR Briefing from Secretary of Defense (a press release from LENRIA)

11/18/15 Congress Views Brillouin Energy’s LENR Boiler Reactor Systems for Generating Thermal Energy
                Read more about Brillouin Energy

09/27/15 interviews Tom Darden, CEO of Cherokee Investment Partners, about their investments into LENR technologies.
                Read Marianne Macy's interview with Darden for Infinite Energy.

09/05/15 Cold Fusion Pioneer Richard Oriani, 1920-2015

09/02/15 LENRIA, the New Industrial Association for Commercialization of LENR

08/28/15 On the Quest for a Commercial LENR Reactor with Robert Godes and Brillouin Energy

08/24/15 Report of Excess Heat & Neutrons from Russian Experiments

03/28/15 Current Science Journal Publishes Special Cold Fusion Issue

01/09/15 Sentencing in Gene Mallove's Murder

12/31/14 MIT 2015 Cold Fusion IAP Course Offered

10/09/14 New E-Cat Report Shows Large Energy Release, Isotopic Changes

09/18/14  ICCF19 - April 2015

07/09/14 Storms Interview with Cold Fusion Now

05/07/14 Summary of the 2014 LANR Colloquium at MIT Thomas J. Dolan, University of Illinois

02/25/14 Dr. Peter Graneau Passes

12/30/13 Cold Fusion Programs at MIT

12/10/13 The New Paradigm by John Bockris Re-Released

07/01/13 Stanley Pons Writes Preface to Cold Fusion Book

09/27/12 ICCF17 Plenary Lecture of Sunwon Park and Frank Gordon

08/15/12 News from NIWeek and ICCF17

08/03/12 The Passing of Dr. Martin Fleischmann

01/14/11 Focardi & Rossi 10 kW Cold Fusion Device

10/05/09 Cold Fusion Founder Martin Fleischmann Honored at ICCF15

04/19/09 CBS "60 Minutes" Takes on Cold Fusion
Read article. View video. CBS News Report.

03/29/09 Science Channel Features Cold Fusion
The Science Channel (Discovery) show "Brink" featured a fairly positive segment on cold fusion, following a large media response to the Navy (Pam Boss) announcement at the American Chemical Society meeting.

02/15/08 New Energy Foundation Cold Fusion Oral History Project

05/22/05 More Response to the DOE Review (Charles Beaudette)

03/20/04 U.S. Department of Energy Will Review 15 Years of "Cold Fusion" Excess Heat and Nuclear Evidence

01/01/05 Great, Not-So-Great, and Realistic Expectations from the DOE Re-Review.

12/10/04 DOE Cold Fusion Review Summary Posted Online
Read a summary of the DOE's December 2004 review of low-energy nuclear reactions.

12/02/04 The New York Times Reports on the DOE Review

05/14/2004 Dr. Eugene F. Mallove June 9, 1947 - May 14, 2004

03/20/04 News Media Reports of DOE Review of Cold Fusion

* Note: There are many other articles which were published at the time of the DOE announcement of its impending re-review of the cold fusion evidence. If you require these references, please contact Infinite Energy.

New Scientist
On March 20, 2004 the UK magazine New Scientist was the first to report that the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) will undertake a new, long-awaited, and presumably unbiased review of cold fusion. The article appeared in the "Upfront: News in Perspective" section and was titled, "No Cold Shoulder" (p. 6).

The New York Times
The New York Times
story, "U.S. Will Give Cold Fusion Second Look, After 15 Years" (Kenneth Chang, p. A16) was a bit more in-depth and quotes Dr. James Decker, deputy director of the science office of the DOE, as saying, "It was my personal judgment that their request for a review was reasonable."

Deseret Morning News
On March 31, 2004, Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City, Utah) featured the story in an article by Joe Bauman, "DOE to Review a New Batch of Claims in Cold Fusion Quest.",1249,595052693,00.html

Physics Today
April 2004
The April 2004 edition of Physics Today contains the article, "DOE Warms to Cold Fusion," by Toni Feder ("Issues and Events" Section, pp. 27-28).

Read the related press release posted on this site.

September 5, 2003 - The Wall Street Journal
Sharon Begley covers the Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF10) in her weekly science column "Science Journal" (Section B1). The article is entitled, "Cold Fusion Isn't Dead, It's Just Withering from Scientific Neglect."

March 29, 2003 - New Scientist
Eight-page article by Bennett Daviss about the U.S. Navy's 2002 two-volume cold fusion report, "Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System: A Decade of Research at Naval Laboratories."

March 25, 2002 - The San Francisco Examiner
An excellent, tell-it-like-it-is article on cold fusion from a very perceptive and persistent journalist, Hal Plotkin: Cold Fusion Rides Again: Science magazine publishes more evidence of tabletop nuclear reactions. Infinite Energy magazine and Eugene Mallove are mentioned, as well as the scandal of the 1989 MIT hot fusion lab data fudging against cold fusion. The article focuses on the recent Science magazine article on table-top fusion (March 8) and efforts to suppress it before publication. But it also draws appropriate links to the cold fusion history of which the Science article is a part.

October 2000 - Discover
DiscoverCold fusion appears on Discover's list of "Twenty of the Greatest Blunders in Science in the Last Twenty Years."

October 10, 2000 - The Boston Globe
Globe columnist Chet Raymo attacks cold fusion and Infinite Energy magazine, noting, "You can't dress up in a clown suit and expect to be taken seriously."

January 10, 2000 - The Boston Globe
The Globe reported on the "Ig Nobel" awards panel naming of the top twenty flops and technological screw-ups of the twentieth century. Needless to say, Pons and Fleischmann appeared on the list.

December 28, 1999 - The Village Voice
Landmark article about the work of Randell Mills and BlackLight Power, Inc., "Quantum Leap: Dr. Randell Mills Says He Can Change the Face of Physics, the Scientific Establishment Thinks He's Nuts."

July 7, 1999 - Air Talk Radio Program
KPCC 89.3 FM (Southern California)
Weekly science segment featured a heated debate about cold fusion between Infinite Energy Editor Eugene Mallove and American Physical Society Washington office director Robert Park.

June 14, 1999 - Time
TimeThe Editors at Time Magazine are in need of some educating. For cold fusion to make their list of "The 100 Worst Ideas of the Century" is appalling. It is joined on the list by "Michael Jackson's Marriage to Lisa Marie Presley" and "Aerosol Cheese."

May 17, 1999 - The San Francisco Examiner:
The SF Gate LogoThe War Against Cold Fusion, what's really behind it?
Respected science journalist Hal Plotkin gets it right by posing the questions many of his brethren fear. "What if there is truth in the claims of excess energy? Is there potential for paradigm shifts in science as a result of the work these scientists are doing? Why exactly has the resistance to 'cold fusion' research been so vehement?" This article explores a few of these questions, and approaches the answers with an open mind.

March 23, 1999 - The New York Times:
"Tempest in a Test Tube, 10 Years Later"
NY Times logoOn its tenth anniversary, science journalist William J. Broad revisits the drama and subsequent fallout of the Utah announcement by Drs. Fleischmann and Pons. Broad presents an even handed account of the events of the past ten years, presenting views and opinions from opponents and proponents of Cold Fusion alike. While its tone is not overly optimistic, this high-profile article does leave room for the possibility that the cold fusion phenomena are real.

November, 1 1998 - WIRED Magazine:
Wired Magazine - 11/98
Wired Magazine, the funky, colorful, high-tech journal of the digital age, took a giant leap forward for truth in science journalism with its latest issue. Charles Platt's 18-page expose' feature article in the November 1998 Wired, "Dirty Science: The Strange Rebirth of Cold Fusion" makes it abundantly clear that the world very likely is facing an energy and scientific revolution of unprecedented scale. The article is cited on the cover of the magazine. A copy of this issue of Wired may be purchased here online. For Infinite Energy editor Gene Mallove's commentary on the article's content and presentation please see the associated article here online.

January 21, 1998
ABC Television, The Oprah Winfrey Show

oprahGerald Celente, of the book Trends 2000, discusses important investment opportunities in Cold Fusion and New Energy technologies.

December 18, 1997 - USA Today (page 6E)
Hugh Johnson, chief investment officer of First Albany in Albany, NY, is quoted, in part: "Watch hydrogen. That's all I would say. Just keep the word 'hydrogen' in mind. I don't know if anybody knows about it." The comments appeared in an article titled, "Future Shock: Global Changes Ahead After 2020."

December 11, 1997 - USA Today(page 9D)
Gerald Celente, of the book Trends 2000, picks advancements in Cold Fusion and Zero Point Energy research as one of the top 10 trends to watch in 1998, and into the new Millennia.

August 26, 1997 - The New York Times
NY Times logoThe Times report was published on August 26, 1997, in an article titled "Japan, Long a Holdout, Ending Cold Fusion Quest." Official Japanese New Hydrogen Energy (Cold Fusion) Program to End - New York Times, Reuters, Nikkei. * See related Infinite Energy news brief available online.

June 11, 1997 - ABC Television, Good Morning America
Clean Energy Technology, Inc. (CETI) demonstrates Excess Heat and Radiation Remediation in New Energy cell. * See a transcript of this program available here online!

January 1995 - Analog Science Fiction and Fact
Editorial: "Cold Fusion Conundrum," by Stanley Schmidt, pp. 4-10.

July 14, 1994 - Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal"Some Scientists Press Search for Cold Fusion Despite Failure of '89," p. A1, A4

June 1994 - Final Frontier
Guest editorial on cold fusion by Eugene Mallove.

May/June 1994 - Technology Review (MIT)
"Warming Up to Cold Fusion," by Dr. Edmund Storms, Los Alamos National Laboratory (a cover story).

August 1993 - Popular Science
"Cold Fusion: Fact or Fantasy," cover story by Jerry Bishop, science editor of the Wall Street Journal.

July 19, 1993 - Newsweek
A special "Focus Update" edition with added science coverage, received by tens of thousands, but not all, subscribers: "Cold, But Not Dead-Scorned as Bad Science, Cold Fusion Makes a Comeback."

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