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s Gene Mallove's Writing & Publishing Career
Overview •  Cold Fusion Magazine  •  Infinite Energy Magazine  •  Books  •  Freelance Publications

Gene Mallove’s love of reading began at an early age. While in college at MIT, he developed a knack for science writing. His first formal science writing began with the work be did on his Master’s thesis at MIT, “A Cyclone Containment Model of the Liquid Core Nuclear Rocket.” His thesis at Harvard for his Sc.D. in June 1975 was titled, “Aerosol Measurement by Combined Light Scattering and Centrifugation.”

Gene developed as a science journalist over many years, and taught “Science and the News Media” in Boston University’s School of Communications Program in Reporting on Science and Medicine for science and journalism graduate students planning science writing careers. He taught science journalism at MIT and organized and lectured in a two-day course, “Risk Management and the News Media,” for environmental scientists and managers, a program of the Harvard Educational Resource Center for Occupational Safety and Health.

For the MIT Class of 1969 25th Reunion in 1994, Gene was selected from over 600 classmates to write the Foreword. His message, “An MIT Interlude,” is presented here as an example of some of Gene’s personal writing.

red genesisGene was a prolific writer. He could discuss—verbally and in writing—any topic. In addition to his three science books (see links below), in 1991 Gene contributed a 26-page non-fiction section about Mars exploration and terraforming to S.C. Sykes’ science fiction book Red Genesis (Book 1 of The New Wave series). We share the first section, “Mars At Last!”, for a flavor of the essay.

In 1980, Gene and other authors prepared a 2700 reference “Interstellar Travel and Communication Bibliography” for the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (June 1980, Vol. 33, No. 6).

Gene’s main science writing career encompassed over three decades and included writings in national newspapers and two international magazines covering cold fusion, as well as publication of three popular science books. Read more about these endeavors at:

                        Cold Fusion Magazine
                        Infinite Energy Magazine
                        Freelance Publications

the reality of cold fusionIn late 1997, Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno published a personal scientific account of his work in cold fusion and transmutation in his native Japanese. Jed Rothwell and Gene convinced Dr. Mizuno to let Infinite Energy Press publish the English version of the book as its first book publishing endeavor. In December 1998, we released Nuclear Transmutation:The Reality of Cold Fusion. Gene wrote the Foreword for the English version. He said of cold fusion: “When a scientific discovery seems to break all the rules, when it appears to violate cherished theories held for decades or hundreds of years, it breaks a fundamental paradigm and there is hell to pay.” He concluded, “We now know that the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams of the world can be virtually infinite sources of clean and inexpensive energy for humankind. Locked in the structure of various forms of hydrogen in contact with special materials are fantastic energies. Genie-like, they remained hidden for the thousands of years that human beings trod this planet and revered water as the source and sustenance of life. We have found them and they are ours—if we have the wisdom to use them.”

For the July/August 1997 issue of Analog, Gene wrote a 21-page essay, “Cold Fusion: The Miracle Is No Mistake.” Other cold fusion-related freelance writings are noted on the Freelance Publications page.

From July 2001 until his death in May 2014, Gene wrote the column “The New Heretic” for Atlantis Rising. Most of the 19 columns were essentially the material used in Infinite Energy editorials. But, Atlantis Rising used different graphics and changed the material a bit (including some new material from Gene, on occasion), so they are worth a reader’s time.

Gene attended all of the International Conferences on Cold Fusion (ICCF) until ICCF10 in 2003. A few of his presentations from these meetings were published in proceedings. His ICCF4 paper (1994) is “Cold Fusion: The High Frontier — Implications for Space Technology.” Gene presented at many conferences over the years (especially new energy conferences after 1997), but not all had proceedings. We will try to find e-copies of other presentations to post here.

Please read more details about Gene’s publishing life in the sections on his editorial duties at both Cold Fusion and Infinite Energy, his books and his freelance writing.



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