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Research Material

For our special issue #24 in 1999, which celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the announcement of cold fusion at the University of Utah, Gene Mallove put together a tremendous resource of material.

In his often firsthand account, "MIT & Cold Fusion: A Special Report," Gene chronicles the handling of the cold fusion announcement by MIT. In 2003, when we posted this report for the first time on our website, Gene wrote: "The story of cold fusion's reception at MIT is a story of egregious scientific fraud and the cover-up of scientific fraud and other misconduct. . ."  This story was personal to Gene; he resigned from his position at the MIT News Office in June 1991 because of the controversy.

Issue 24 included an extensive list of hundreds of published papers through 1999. A more extensive library of published papers is available at

In 1999, Gene compiled a selected list of key experiments up to that time that substantiated the cold fusion phenomena. He highlighted numerous technical papers that included substantive data providing documentation of the existence of cold fusion. Numerous experiments since then have also substantiated cold fusion claims.

Our Frequently Asked Questions About New Energy Science and Technology is quite an extensive discussion of the field. Gene last updated the questions just before his death in 2004, and our editors since then have made some updates. Download David Nagel's "Questions and Answers About Lattice-Enabled Nuclear Reactions," which is a great companion to our FAQ section.

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