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infinite energy

Feature Articles
This section of our site is home to a collection of select articles, columns and briefs that have appeared in the pages of Infinite Energy Magazine. For an extensive description of the contents of all past issues of Infinite Energy Magazine, please see our Guide to Past Issues. You may also purchase copies of back issues by visiting our online store.

November 2023 - February 2024 - Issue 166 [TOC]
infinite energyIn Memory of Irving Dardik
infinite energyHealth Risks of Microplasmoids in Transmutation/Energy Generation Experiments and Devices   (Edward Lewis)
infinite energyScreening Enhancement of Low Energy Fusion Cross Sections: Part A — Screening Physics and Experiments  (for purchase)   (David J. Nagel)
infinite energyEssential Public Policy Changes for Development and Deployment of LENR Energy   (Thomas Grimshaw)


July - October 2024 - Issue 165 [TOC]
infinite energyThe LENR Legacy of William Collis   (Christy L. Frazier)
infinite energyPodcast Celebrates the Life and Work of Eugene Mallove   (Christy L. Frazier)
infinite energyFaces of LENR — Part 6A: Gravity   (for purchase)   (George Egely)
infinite energyICCF Cold Fusion Conference Held for the First Time in Poland   (Christy L. Frazier)


March - June 2023 - Issue 164 [TOC]
infinite energyDarwin, God and Hermes   (for purchase)   (Jesper Overgaard)
infinite energyThe Gaslighting of America: The COVID Pandemic and Ozone Therapy   (Marc Seifer)
infinite energyU.S. DOE Announces $10 Million in Funding for LENR   (Christy Frazier)


November 2022-February 2023 - Issue 163 [TOC]
infinite energyDirect Electrical Production from LENR   (for purchase)   (David Nagel)
infinite energyGravity as a Result of Quantum-Type Interactions (for purchase)   (Santiago Ugarte)


September/October 2022 - Issue 162 [TOC]
infinite energyMarc Seifer and the Unsolved Mysteries of Nikola Tesla   (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyICCF24 Solid-State Energy Summit   (Christy L. Frazier)
infinite energyThe Anatomy of Creation (for purchase)   (Jesper Overgaard)
infinite energyLet’s Rap About LENR   (Christy L. Frazier)


May-August 2022 - Issue 161 [TOC]
infinite energyThe Impact and Importance of the International Society for CMNS  (Christy L. Frazier)
infinite energyEd Storms Further Explains The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction   (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyRoger Stringham and the Walrus  (Marianne Macy)


March/April 2022 - Issue 160 [TOC]
infinite energyIn Memory of Charles E. Entenmann  (Christy L. Frazier)
infinite energyDon’t Look Up! The TBD-Fate of the World’s Largest UFO Archive, a U.S. Government and Private Partnership   (Marianne Macy)


November 2021-February 2022 - Issue 159 [TOC]
infinite energyLudwik Kowalski, Major Contributor to the Cold Fusion Field (Obituary)   (Thomas Grimshaw)
infinite energyPeter Gluck: 1937-2021   (Christy L. Frazier)
infinite energyEdward Esko: 1950-2021   (Christy L. Frazier)
infinite energyFaces of LENR, Part 5D: Design and Operation Principles of LENR Reactors (for purchase)   (George Egely)
infinite energyHow to Design Free Energy Generators According to the Law of Symmetry (for purchase)   (Alexander V. Frolov)


September/October 2021 - Issue 158 [TOC]
infinite energyHeat Theory and Global Warming (for purchase)   (Maurizio Vignati)
infinite energyFaces of LENR, Part 5C (for purchase)   (George Egely)


July/August 2021 - Issue 157 [TOC]
infinite energyFaces of LENR, Part 5B (for purchase)   (George Egely)
infinite energyLattice Confinement Fusion and Electron Screening   (Lawrence Forsley)
infinite energyICCF23 Conference Held June 2021   (Christy Frazier)
infinite energyCriteria for Occurrence of LENR   (David J. Nagel)
infinite energyProblems with the Big Bang / Big Bang’s Quantum Problem   (John P. Wallace and Michael J. Wallace)


March/June 2021 - Issue 156 [TOC]
infinite energyFaces of LENR, Part 5A (for purchase)   (George Egely)
infinite energyFrom Out of “LEFT” Field (for purchase)   (J. Christian Bell)


January/February 2021 - Issue 155 [TOC]
infinite energyFaces of LENR, Part 4 (for purchase)   (George Egely)


November/December 2020 - Issue 154 [TOC]
infinite energyFaces of LENR, Part 3 (for purchase)   (George Egely)
infinite energyScience, Spirituality and Srinivasan  (Chaganti V.K. Maithreya)
infinite energyConsideration of the Electric Universe   (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)


September/October 2020 - Issue 153 [TOC]
infinite energyFaces of LENR, Part 2 (for purchase)   (George Egely)
infinite energyDr. Stan Szpak's Book Released Posthumously   (Christy Frazier)
infinite energyThe Passing of Indian Cold Fusion Researcher Mahadeva Srinivasan   (Christy Frazier)
infinite energyCharles Beaudette, 1930-2020   (Christy Frazier)
infinite energyRecollections of Charles Beaudette  (David Nagel)
infinite energyStrong Correlation Between LENR and Nano-Mechanics Instabilities/THz Phonons in Condensed Matter: Applications in Geophysics, Geochemistry, Energetics, Biology (for purchase)   (Alberto Carpinteri and Oscar Borla)


May/August 2020 - Issue 151/152 [TOC]
infinite energyFaces of LENR, Part 1 (for purchase)   (George Egely)
infinite energyIs Water the Key to New Energy (for purchase)   (Moray King)
infinite energyDid Nikola Tesla Discover a Treatment for COVID-19 Over 100 Years Ago?   (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyCold Fusion Comic Book Releasing Soon
infinite energyPeter Gluck’s Ego Out Blogsite: Preservation of a Major Resource…  (Thomas Grimshaw and David J. Nagel)


March/April 2020 - Issue 150 [TOC]
infinite energyDocumenting Cold Fusion Research   (Thomas W. Grimshaw)
infinite energyExciting New Science and Potential Clean Energy  (David J. Nagel)


January/February 2020 - Issue 149 [TOC]
infinite energyDigital Thinking   (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
infinite energyNew Cold Fusion Book Released


November/December 2019 - Issue 148 [TOC]
infinite energyThe 22nd International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science


July/August 2019 - Issue 147 [TOC]
infinite energyMichael Melich and Cold Fusion: A Love Story  (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyRemembrances of Michael E. Melich   (David J. Nagel)
infinite energyIn Memory of Michael Melich


July/August 2019 - Issue 146 [TOC]
infinite energyCritique of Nature Perspective Article on Google-Sponsored Pd-D and Ni-H Experiments  (Michael C.H. McKubre)
infinite energyA Policy Argument for a Rational Approach to Cold Fusion Research   (Steven B. Katinsky)
infinite energyNear-Term Possibilities for Advancement of LENR   (David J. Nagel)
infinite energy Gravity as a Unified Force (for purchase)  (Mark Ridler)
infinite energyIn Memory of Norman D. Cook


May/June 2019 - Issue 145 [TOC]
infinite energyThe 2019 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT   (Christy L. Frazier)
infinite energy Shock Electrolysis: A New Path to the Hydrogen Age? (for purchase)  (Fabrice David, Pierre Roulier, John Giles)
infinite energyOn the 30th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon (Hideo Kozima)


March/April 2019 - Issue 144 [TOC]
infinite energyNature’s Supreme Mechanism for Energy Extraction from Nonmaterial Aether: The Story of How End-State Neutron Stars Generate and Emit Extreme Energy (for purchase)  (Fabrice David, Pierre Roulier, John Giles)


January/February 2019 - Issue 143 [TOC]
infinite energyIn Memory of David French
infinite energyThermodynamic Fluctuation: Primal, Ubiquitous, Viable Infinite Energy (for purchase)  (Norman K. Borsuk)
infinite energyThe Sorry History of Dealing with Imaginary Energy Shortages (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)


November/December 2018 - Issue 142 [TOC]
infinite energyDawning of the SunCell (BrLP & Randell Mills), Part 3 (Ed Wall)
infinite energyModern-Day Alchemy: A Survey of Transmutation Experimentalists
infinite energyA Method of Atomic Transformation, II (for purchase) (Peter Grandics)
infinite energyChange of Isotopic Ratios in Transmutations (for purchase) (George Egely, Maria Balint, Farkas Rosko)
infinite energyTransmuation: Past, Present…Future? (George Egely Editorial)


September/October 2018 - Issue 141 [TOC]
infinite energyCold Fusion Conference Scholarship Program Aimed at Future Scientists (Christy Frazier)
infinite energyOverview of ICCF21 (David Nagel, Steven Katinsky)
infinite energyThe Arthur Manelas Electric Car and Related Efforts (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)


July/August 2018 - Issue 140 [TOC]
infinite energyIn Memory of Yoshiaki Arata
infinite energyIn Memory of John Fisher
infinite energyImpressions of ICCF21 (George Egely Editorial)


May/June 2018 - Issue 139 [TOC]
infinite energyYuri Bazhutov on Developing the Erzion Model (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyIn Memory of Yuri Bazhutov
infinite energySacrificing Truth on the Altar of Science (for purchase)  (Barry J. Fenton, Richard Moody, Jr.)
infinite energyReasons to Reconsider the Aether of Classical Physics (for purchase)  (Paul E. Rowe)


January/February 2018 - Issue 137 [TOC]
infinite energyForgotten Inventions of LENR, Part 4 (for purchase) (George Egely)


November/December 2017 - Issue 136 [TOC]
infinite energyMemories of Francesco Scaramuzzi (Vittorio Violante, Michael McKubre)
infinite energyForgotten Inventions of LENR, Part 3 (for purchase) (George Egely)


September/October 2017 - Issue 135 [TOC]
infinite energyImpressions of the Asti Workshop (George Egely)
infinite energyForgotten Inventions of LENR, Part 2 (for purchase) (George Egely)
infinite energyEnergy Researchers of the World Mourn the Loss of Jerry Decker (Chuck Henderson)


July/August 2017 - Issue 134 [TOC]
infinite energyInfinitely Mysterious Water (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
infinite energyThe Anomalous Behavior of Water (for purchase) (David Zebuhr)
infinite energyWater Is Best (for purchase) (Mitchell R. Swartz)
infinite energyDangerous Waters: Personal Reflections (for purchase) (George Egely)
infinite energyLENR, Energy and Water (for purchase)   (David J. Nagel, Amal Al Katrib, Valesca Bettim Feltrin)


May/June 2017 - Issue 133 [TOC]
infinite energyWhat Remains to be Accepted? (George Egely Editorial)
infinite energyForgotten Inventions of LENR, Part 1 (for purchase) (George Egely)


March/April 2017 - Issue 132 [TOC]
infinite energyICCF20: Theory and Other Topics (David Nagel)


January/February 2017 - Issue 131 [TOC]
infinite energyDawning of the SunCell®, Part 2 (Ed Wall)
infinite energyICCF20: Introduction & Experiments (David Nagel)
infinite energyParaterraforming Mars — Heat, Electricity and Oxygen Are Available from LANR (for purchase) (Mitchell Swartz et al.)
infinite energyParaterraforming Mars — Fueling Colonies on Mars by LANR... (for purchase) (Mitchell Swartz)


November/December 2016 - Issue 130 [TOC]
infinite energySatellite Symposium of ICCF20 (David Nagel)
infinite energyDawning of the SunCell®, Part 1 (Ed Wall)
infinite energyStan Szpak, 1920-2016
infinite energyTransmutation by Dust Fusion (George Egely)


September/October 2016 - Issue 129 [TOC]
infinite energyIn Memoriam: Dr. Thomas Phipps, Jr.
infinite energy
Industrial Heat Motion to Dismiss Rossi Complaint (David French)


July/August 2016 - Issue 128 [TOC]
infinite energyHouse Committee Requires LENR Briefing from Secretary of Defense


May/June 2016 - Issue 127 [TOC]
infinite energyJohn Dash: 1933 - 2016
infinite energyReporting a Lawsuit in LENR (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyA Patent Lawyer Considers the Rossi/Industrial Heat Lawsuit (Interview with David French by Marianne Macy)
infinite energy"Unusual Suspects" Focuses on Gene Mallove's Murder


March/April 2016 - Issue 126 [TOC]
infinite energyIndicators of Interest in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (David Nagel)
infinite energyOverview of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) (Graham Hubler et al.)
infinite energyIntroduction of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science at Tohoku University (Yasuhiro Iwamura et al.)
infinite energyThe Cosmological Implications of Mass Distribution and Motion (for purchase) (Arnold G. Gulko)


January/February 2016 - Issue 125 [TOC]
infinite energyClimate Change, Beijing Smog and New Energy (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)


November/December 2015 - Issue 124 [TOC]
infinite energyCold Fusion Pioneer Richard Oriani, 1920-2015
infinite energyMission Impossible (George Egely Editorial)


September/October 2015 - Issue 123 [TOC]
infinite energyOn the Quest for a Commercial LENR Reactor with Robert Godes and Brillouin Energy (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyReport of Excess Heat & Neutrons from Russian Experiments (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyLENRIA, the New Industrial Association for Commercialization of LENR


July/August 2015 - Issue 122 [TOC]
infinite energyBiberian Awarded Preparata Medal
infinite energyScientific and Commercial Overview of ICCF19 (David Nagel)


May/June 2015 - Issue 121 [TOC]
infinite energyMoving the Needle: An Interview with Industrial Heat's Tom Darden (Marianne Macy)
infinite energy
Hagelstein and Tanzella's Vibrating Copper Experiment: An Experimental Effort Inspired by Karabut's Work (Marianne Macy)
infinite energy
Alexander Karabut: A Russian Scientist’s Tenacity and Contribution (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyLENR Short Film: Following Nature’s Documents


March/April 2015 - Issue 120 [TOC]
infinite energyCurrent Science Journal Publishes Special Cold Fusion Issue
infinite energyA Russian Experiment: High Temperature, Nickel, Natural Hydrogen (Michael McKubre)
infinite energyLive Open Science Arrives with a Bang
infinite energySentencing in Gene Mallove’s Murder
infinite energyQuestions About LENR: Engineering, Commercialization and Applications (David Nagel)


January/February 2015 - Issue 119 [TOC]
infinite energyFusion: Some Like It Hot (George Egely)
infinite energyArthur Manelas Passes
infinite energyMcKubre's LENR Presentation in Norway
infinite energyBill Gates Briefed on LENR
infinite energyQuestions About LENR: Experiments, Theories and Computations (David Nagel)


November/December 2014 - Issue 118 [TOC]
infinite energyDavid Faust, 1949-2014
infinite energyQuestions About LENR: Materials and Mechanisms (David Nagel)
infinite energyChase Peterson, Former President of University of Utah, Dies
infinite energyThe Gene Mallove Collection
infinite energyAnalysis of New E-Cat Report (Michael C.H. McKubre)
infinite energyICCF19 in Italy, April 2015


September/October 2014 - Issue 117 [TOC]
infinite energyNew Book Honors Scientific Legacy of Fleischmann
infinite energyGlobal Expansion Tectonics (James Maxlow)
infinite energyBook Review: The Explanation of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (Edmund Storms)
infinite energyBook Review: The Half-Life of a Nuclear Battery (Philip Talbert)


July/August 2014 - Issue 116 [TOC]
infinite energyIn Memory of Don Hotson
infinite energyStorms Releases New LENR Book


May/June 2014 - Issue 115 [TOC]
infinite energyNew Book Highlights a Potentially World-Changing Energy Source
infinite energyHistoric 25th Anniversary Cold Fusion Meeting at MIT
infinite energyAn Interview with Mats Lewan, Author of An Impossible Invention
infinite energyInfinite Energy (George Egely Editorial)


March/April 2014 - Issue 114 [TOC]
infinite energyThe Scientific Legacy of Dr. Peter Graneau: Instantaneous Interconnection of All Things 
infinite energyIntroducing New Editor George Egely
infinite energyEmilio Del Giudice Obituary
infinite energyDr. Michael McKubre on Nuclear Fusion Then and Now
infinite energyScience Popularization Project Includes Cold Fusion


January/February 2014 - Issue 113 [TOC]
infinite energyPeter Graneau Passes
infinite energyDuncan Moves from Missouri to Texas, Will Remain Involved in LENR Field
infinite energyBook Review: Models of the Atomic Nucleus (Norman Cook)


November/December 2013 - Issue 112 [TOC]
infinite energyScientific and Commercial Overview of ICCF18 (David Nagel)
infinite energySecond Annual Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference
infinite energyAn Interview with George Miley


September/October 2013 - Issue 111 [TOC]
infinite energyICCF18: Scientific Advancements, Industrial Demonstrations (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyThe New Fire Generation
infinite energyPam Boss Receives Preparata Medal
infinite energyCold Fusion at NI Week 2013
infinite energyIn Memory of Ken Shoulders
infinite energyProf. John Bockris: 1923-2013
infinite energyJohn Bockris on Modern Electrochemistry and the Start of Cold Fusion (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyEd Storms Honored at ICCF18 (Marianne Macy)


July/August 2013 - Issue 110 [TOC]
infinite energyA Visit to Defkalion Green Technologies (Jeane Manning)
infinite energyNew Cold Fusion Book Includes Preface by Pons
infinite energySergio Focardi: 1932-2013

infinite energyCosmology in a Nature Consisting of Energy (for purchase) (Arnold G. Gulko)


May/June 2013 - Issue 109 [TOC]
infinite energyFusion by Pseudo-Particles, Part 3: The Future and Lessons of (Quasi-Particle) History (George Egely)
infinite energy
Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Heat in the Fleischmann-Pons Experiment at MIT (Gayle Verner)


March/April 2013 - Issue 108 [TOC]
infinite energyFusion by Pseudo-Particles, Part 2: The Challenge of the Present (George Egely)
infinite energyCold Fusion 101: MIT IAP Course in Second Year
infinite energyStorms Theoretical Paper and Review Commentaries
infinite energyOn Theory and Science Generally in Connection with the Fleischmann- Pons Experiment (Peter Hagelstein Guest Editorial)


January/February 2013 - Issue 107 [TOC]
infinite energyNewtonian Electrodynamics and Special Relativity
(Peter Graneau, Neal Graneau)
infinite energyGlobal Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference
infinite energy2013 History of Cold Fusion Calendar
infinite energyFusion by Pseudo-Particles, Part 1: Past, Present and Future (George Egely)
infinite energyA Cocoon of Technology (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)


November/December 2012 - Issue 106 [TOC]
infinite energyPopular Science Covers Cold Fusion
infinite energyICCF18 Announced
infinite energyScientific and Commercial Overview of ICCF17
infinite energyCavitating Electrolyzers and the Zero-Point Energy (for purchase) (Moray B. King)
infinite energyBeta Emission (for purchase) (Arnold G. Gulko)


September/October 2012 - Issue 105 [TOC]
infinite energyLENR at Williamsburg, Part 1 (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyNational Instruments Expo Features LENR
infinite energyCelani Working Cell Demo in U.S. and Korea
infinite energyMartin Fleischmann's Historic Impact
infinite energyNew Energy Advocate Hal Fox Dies
infinite energyBockris Awarded the Preparata Medal
infinite energyBook Review: The Guardian Poplar (Chase Peterson)


July/August 2012 - Issue 104 [TOC]
infinite energyLENR-Induced Transmutation of Nuclear Waste (Edward Esko)
infinite energyA Crack in the Code


May/June 2012 - Issue 103 [TOC]
infinite energyUnexpected End to First Trial for Gene Mallove's Murder
infinite energySPESIF Future Energy Session
infinite energyPotential Advantages and Impacts of LENR Generators of Thermal and Electrical Power and Energy (David Nagel)
infinite energyTesting the Definition of Thermodynamic Equilibrium - Part 2: Systems in a Magnetic Field (for purchase)  (Norman K. Borsuk)


March/April 2012 - Issue 102 [TOC]
infinite energySidney Kimmel Institute at the University of Missouri
infinite energyCold Fusion Demonstration During MIT Short Course
infinite energyWhen Water Flows Over Smooth Metal (Peter Graneau Editorial)
infinite energyNano Dust Fusion (for purchase) (George Egely)
infinite energyTesting the Definition of Thermodynamic Equilibrium - Part 1: Systems in a Gravitational Field (for purchase)  (Norman K. Borsuk)


January/February 2012 - Issue 101 [TOC]
infinite energyLattice-Assisted Nuclear Fusion (for purchase) (Talbot Chubb, Mark Daehler)
infinite energyIn Memory of Talbot Chubb
infinite energyCold Fusion Researcher Yan Kucherov Dies
infinite energyMIT IAP Cold Fusion Course
infinite energySRI's McKubre Speaks on Cold Fusion
infinite energyHormesis and the Rebirth of Nuclear Power (for purchase) (Richard Moody, Jr.)


November/December 2011 - Issue 100 [TOC]
infinite energyGene Mallove’s Legacy (Christy Frazier)
infinite energyCold Fusion: Surveying the Field (for purchase) (Infinite Energy Staff)
infinite energyNUCAT Energy LENR Course
infinite energyBook Review: Cool Fusion (Edward Esko and Alex Jack)
infinite energyCelebrating 100 Issues (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
infinite energyThe Status of New Science: A Survey (for purchase) (Infinite Energy Staff)
infinite energyA Model for a Sonofusion Process (for purchase) (Roger Stringham)


September/October 2011 - Issue 99 [TOC]
infinite energyICCF17 Plans Announced
infinite energy2011 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT — Part 2
infinite energyIn Memory of Dr. Brian O'Leary
infinite energyNUCAT Energy Offers LENR Course
infinite energyDOE and the Interior Announce $26.6 Million in Funding to Develop Advanced Hydropower Technologies (Peter Graneau Editorial)


July/August 2011 - Issue 98 [TOC]
infinite energyDefkalion Introduces Hyperion Energy Device
infinite energyThe Limits of Discovery (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
infinite energyFleischmann Watches Online Rossi Coverage
infinite energyThe 2011 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT — Part 1 


May/June 2011 - Issue 97 [TOC]
infinite energyIn Memory of Scott Chubb
infinite energyDavid Nagel Tribute to Scott Chubb
infinite energyACS New Energy Technology Symposium
infinite energyThe Periodic Table of the Elements: A Simplified Nuclear Analysis (for purchase) (Arnold G. Gulko)


March/April 2011 - Issue 96 [TOC]
infinite energyRossi 10 kW Reactor
infinite energyICCF16 Transmutation Workshop
infinite energyOverview of ICCF16 in India (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyScientific Overview of ICCF16 (David Nagel)
infinite energyICCF16 Delegates at IIT Madras
infinite energyKorea Re-Explores Interest in Cold Fusion
infinite energyMore Small Hydroelectric Generators (Peter Graneau Editorial)


January/February 2011 - Issue 95 [TOC]
infinite energyMagnetic Field Triggering of Excess Power in Deuterated Palladium (for purchase) (Scott Chubb, Dennis Letts)
infinite energyJohn “Alf” Thompson: 1954 - 2010
infinite energyConference Proceedings Rejected
infinite energyICCF16 in India: A Historic Perspective (Marianne Macy)
infinite energyNeutron Emission in Bursts and Hot Spots (Mahadeva Srinivasan)


November/December 2010 - Issue 94 [TOC]
infinite energyThe Fisher/Oriani Collaboration (Marianne Macy)
infinite energy Boosting the Output of Hydroelectric Generators (Peter Graneau Editorial)


September/October 2010 - Issue 93 [TOC]
infinite energyOvercoming Huizenga's "Miracles" and Unleashing the Promise of Cold Fusion's "Potential Miracle" (Scott Chubb Editorial)
infinite energySummary of the 2010 Colloquium on LANR at MIT
infinite energySociety for Scientific Exploration 2010 Annual Meeting


July/August 2010 - Issue 92 [TOC]
infinite energyWas Transmutation Observed at the Quantum Rabbit Laboratory?  (Matthias Grabiak)
infinite energyHow Perturbations Can Merge Separated Worlds (for purchase) (Talbot A. Chubb)
infinite energyThe Potential Power of Design (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)


May/June 2010 - Issue 91 [TOC]
infinite energyMarch 2010 ACS Cold Fusion Session Summary
infinite energyA Cold Fusion Fable (for purchase) (Talbot Chubb)
infinite energyHydrogen Bonds at the Bottom of a Waterfall (Peter Graneau Editorial)
infinite energyA Heuristic Approach to the Particle Physics Implicit in Theosophical "Occult Chemistry" (for purchase) (W.P. Bourne)


March/April 2010 - Issue 90 [TOC]
infinite energyAt 21, Cold Fusion Is Still In Its Infancy (Scott Chubb Editorial)
bulletThe Fine Structure Constant (for purchase) (Arnold G. Gulko)


January/February 2010 - Issue 89 [TOC]
infinite energyResearcher Andrei Lipson Dies
infinite energyThe Fight to Preserve Wardenclyffe (Marianne Macy)


November/December 2009 - Issue 88 [TOC]
bulletScientific Overview of ICCF15 (David Nagel)
bulletICCF15 in Rome, Italy (Marianne Macy)
bulletThe Third Conference on Future Energy (COFE3)
bulletThe Latent Heat Saga (Peter Graneau Editorial)


September/October 2009 - Issue 87 [TOC]
bulletGreatest Hoax in 20th Century Science? (Richard Moody, Jr.)
bulletColloquium on LANR at MIT
bulletGenius, Grit and Sanity  (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
bulletA Scalable Research Reactor for CMNS Experiments (for purchase) (Dennis Letts)


July/August 2009 - Issue 86 [TOC]
bulletHydrogen Bond Energy in Tornadoes (Peter Graneau, Neal Graneau)
Commentary on the Work of Don Hotson (Bill Zebuhr)
bulletBook Review: Nuclear Alternative (William Stubbs)
bulletDirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part 3: Structure and Unification (for purchase) (Donald L. Hotson)


May/June 2009 - Issue 85 [TOC]
bullet“60 Minutes” Takes on Cold Fusion
bulletSummary of Cold Fusion Sessions at APS and ACS Meetings 
bulletThe Politics of New Energy (Peter Graneau Editorial)
bulletA Method of Atomic Transformation, I (for purchase) (Peter Grandics)


March/April 2009 - Issue 84 [TOC]
bulletDual Laser Stimulation of Excess Heat in a Fleischmann-Pons Experiment (for purchase) (Dennis G. Letts, Peter L. Hagelstein)
Questions and Answers About Lattice-Enabled Nuclear Reactions (David Nagel)
bulletSome Thoughts About Cold Fusion, 20 Years Later   (Scott Chubb Editorial)


January/February 2009 - Issue 83 [TOC]
bulletNew Energy and the World Economy (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
bulletBook Review: Cold Fusion: Clean Energy for the Future (Talbot Chubb)


November/December 2008 - Issue 82 [TOC]
bulletThe Alternative to Nuclear Energy (Peter Graneau Editorial)
bulletSummary of the Transmutation Workshop Held in Association with ICCF14 
bulletRelease of Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Sourcebook and More Thoughts on ICCF14 
bulletBook Review: Breakthrough Power (Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon)


September/October 2008 - Issue 81 [TOC]
bulletA Celebration of Effort (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
bulletSummary of ICCF14: The 14th International Conference on Cold Fusion


July/August 2008 - Issue 80 [TOC]
bulletHistoric Perspective on ICCF1
bulletIn Praise of: Old Nassau, John Archibald Wheeler and the Grand Identity Crisis (Scott Chubb Editorial)
bulletThe Arata Demonstration (Talbot Chubb)


May/June 2008 - Issue 79 [TOC]
bulletAPS March Cold Fusion Session
bulletIntersection of LENR with Nanometer-Scale Science, Technology and Engineering (David Nagel)
bulletFinding the Truth About the Furor and Other Thoughts About the Cold Fusion Controversy (Scott Chubb)
bulletIs Friction a Source of Energy? (Peter Graneau Editorial)


March/April 2008 - Issue 78 [TOC]
bulletUpgraded Hydroelectric Water Turbines (for purchase) (Peter Graneau)
bulletThe Unpaved, Rutty Road to High-Temperature Superconductivity  (Gary Vezzoli)
bulletThe Seventh Wave and Beyond (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)


January/February 2008 - Issue 77 [TOC]
bulletBook Review: The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (Edmund Storms)
bulletSummary of 8th Italian Workshop
bulletManhattan or Kyoto
(Peter Graneau Editorial)


November/December 2007 - Issue 76 [TOC]
bulletExperimental Research in Condensed Matter Physics Arguing for Modifications in Mainstream Concepts  (Gary Vezzoli)


September/October 2007 - Issue 75 [TOC]
bulletAn Interview with Dr. Edmund Storms  
bulletColloquium on LANR Held at MIT   
bulletImportant Results Presented at ICCF13  
bulletThe Beaudette Archive on Cold Fusion
bulletFinding Awe: At MIT, When “Being Taken for a Ride,” and with Our “Scars" (Scott Chubb Editorial)


July/August 2007 - Issue 74 [TOC]
bulletPassion is in the Air-Before, During and After ICCF Meetings (Scott Chubb)
bulletRewriting Geology? Challenging Existing Models of Science  (Bill Zebuhr)
bullet Beyond Plate Tectonics: "Plate" Dynamics (Richard Moody, Jr.)
bulletHydrogen Bond Energy Drives Hurricanes (Peter Graneau Editorial)

May/June 2007 - Issue 73 [TOC]
bulletThe Challenge of a Fog Pulse Turbine (for purchase) (Peter Graneau)
bulletCold Fusion Sessions at APS Meeting  
bulletThe Pyramidal Electric Transducer: A DC to RF Converter for the Capture of Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy (Peter Grandics)


March/April 2007 - Issue 72 [TOC]
bulletA Report from Capitol Hill (Stephen Kaplan)
bulletMarch Madness and March Meeting Madness (Scott Chubb Editorial)
bulletBook Review: Old Physics for New (Thomas Phipps, Jr.)


January/February 2007 - Issue 71 [TOC]
bulletThe New Energy Movement Introduces Draft Legislation for New Energy Bill to U.S. Congress
bulletBringing Cold Fusion Material to the Washington, D.C. Energy Consensus Group, the “Green Salon,” and the Evolving Alliance Between “Tree Huggers” and the DOD (Scott Chubb Editorial)
bulletGenesis of Fundamental Forces Acting at a Distance and Some Practical Derivations (for purchase) (Peter Grandics)


November/December 2006 - Issue 70 [TOC]
bulletSummary of the Second International Conference on Future Energy   
bulletSummary of 7th Italian Workshop
bulletChemical Energy Without Carbon Dioxide (Peter Graneau Editorial)


September/October 2006 - Issue 69 [TOC]
bulletNature to the Rescue of Man  (Peter Graneau)
bulletHidden Brooks of Knowledge and Strength, Evidence of High Energy Particles in LENR Experiments, and Nature’s Inaccurate Reporting of the Bubble Fusion Controversy (Scott Chubb)
bulletProgram Strategy for Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (David Nagel)
bullet A New Foundation for Physics (David Thomson, Jim Bourassa)
bulletBook Review:In the Grip of the Distant Universe (Peter Graneau and Neal Graneau)


July/August 2006 - Issue 68 [TOC]
bulletConcerning Truth and Justice in Science and What We Know About Science (Scott Chubb Editorial)


May/June 2006 - Issue 67 [TOC]
bulletAn Afternoon to Remember: Cold Fusion Session of APS Meeting


March/April 2006 - Issue 66 [TOC]
bulletExposing the "Real Embarrassments" of Cold Fusion (Scott Chubb Editorial)


January/February 2006 - Issue 65 [TOC]
bulletRenewable Solar Energy from Water (for purchase) (Peter Graneau)
bulletTravel Report for the 12th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF12)


November/December 2005 - Issue 64 [TOC]
bulletSatellites, Spinning Disks, and Textbooks  (William Cantrell Editorial)


September/October 2005 - Issue 63 [TOC]
bulletAmpère Tension in Electric Conductors (Peter Graneau)
bulletBook Review: The New Paradigm (John O'M. Bockris)
bulletOersted's Experiment on a Balance (for purchase) (Francisco Muller)
bulletThe Role of Mass Distribution in the Demonstration of Amperian Longitudinal Electrodynamic Forces (for purchase) (Neal Graneau)
bulletExperiments Verifying Ampere Longitudinal Forces via "Force Modulation" Methods (for purchase) (Thomas Phipps, Jr.)


July/August 2005 - Issue 62 [TOC]
bulletThe 2005 MIT Cold Fusion Colloquium, Honoring Eugene Mallove
bulletAt 16, Cold Fusion is Coming of Age (Scott Chubb Editorial)


May/June 2005 - Issue 61 [TOC]
bulletThe Failure of E=mc2 (Peter Graneau)
bulletCharge Clusters: The Work of Ken Shoulders (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
bulletCharge Clusters in Action (Ken Shoulders)
bulletThe Longest Year: Mourning the Loss of Eugene Mallove
bulletIn Recognition of Eugene Mallove, His Promethean Quest and His Magic


March/April 2005 - Issue 60 [TOC]
bulletThe Role of Technology in Meeting Current and Future Petroleum Energy Demand (John Rudesill)
bulletOil: How Much is Left? (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)
infinite energy Origins of Oil and the Abiotic Theory (for purchase) (David Zebuhr)


January/February 2005 - Issue 59 [TOC]
bullet A Dissident View of Relativity Theory (William Cantrell Editorial)
bulletA Brief Review of the Science and Events at the 11th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF11)
bulletGreat, Not-So-Great, and Realistic Expectations from the DOE Re-Review (Scott Chubb)
bulletBook Review:The Rebirth of Cold Fusion (Steven Krivit and Nadine Winocur)


November/December 2004 - Issue 58 [TOC]
bulletNew Energy: The Courage to Change—Conference Summary
bulletThe Energies of Consciousness  (Bill Zebuhr Editorial)


September/October 2004 - Issue 57 [TOC]
bulletA Time for Healing (Scott Chubb Editorial)


July/August 2004 - Issue 56 [TOC]
bullet~ Dr. Eugene F. Mallove  1947-2004  ~
bulletIn Memory of My Father (Kimberlyn Woodard)
bullet24 Years is Far too Few (Ethan Mallove)
bulletEugene Ma-Love (Jana Scher)
bulletMemorializing Gene (Bill Zebuhr)
bulletOf Flying Pigs and Starry Skies (Christy Frazier)
bulletMemories of a Colleague (Barbara DelloRusso)
bulletMy Unexpected Challenge (James Kornberg)
bulletA Few Words Dedicated to Dr. Eugene Mallove (Mitchell Swartz)
bulletHomage to a Peerless Friend (Paulo Correa)
bulletGene Mallove: From Before Cold Fusion Through Tragedy (Dean Musgrave)
bulletGalileo of Our Time: In Memory of Dr. Eugene Mallove (Brian O’Leary)
bulletThe Leading Light of Cold Fusion (George Miley)
bulletGene Mallove's Magic (Scott Chubb)
bulletIn Memory of a Fallen Friend (Stephen Kaplan)
bulletRemembering Gene Mallove (Mike Carrell)


May/June 2004 - Issue 55 [TOC]
bulletVindication!? (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletHydrogen Fuel Cells and the "Hydrogen Economy": A Technological Dead End in the New Energy Age?
(Eugene Mallove)
bulletU.S. Department of Energy Commits to Re-examine "Cold Fusion"— 15 Years of Evidence for Excess Heat and LENR
bulletBook Review: The Synchronized Universe: New Science of the Paranormal (Claude Swanson)
bulletIntimations of Disaster: Glenn Seaborg, the Scientific Process, and the Origin of the "Cold Fusion War" (Eugene Mallove)


March/April 2004 - Issue 54 [TOC]
bulletScience Censorship: The Invisible Evil (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletPress Release: Dept. of Energy to Review Cold Fusion/LENR
bulletRadioactivity Reborn (Eugene Mallove)
bulletNew Energy and Early Aeronautics: The Perils and Rewards of Visionaries (Eugene Mallove)


January/February 2004 - Issue 53 [TOC]
bulletThe "New" Solar Power (Eugene Mallove Editorial)

November/December 2003 - Issue 52 [TOC]
bulletPeter Hagelstein's Letter to the DOE
bulletThe Memory Hole at Work (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletLENR and "Cold Fusion" Excess Heat (ICCF10 Paper) (Eugene Mallove)
bulletReview of the Tenth International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF10)


September/October 2003 - Issue 51 [TOC]
bulletWitness to the Papp Engine Explosion: An Interview with Cecil Baumgartner (for purchase)
bulletICCF10: A Message from the Front (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe Mystery and Legacy of Joseph Papp's Noble Gas Engine (Eugene Mallove)


July/August 2003 - Issue 50 [TOC]
bulletOver-Unity: The Cold Fusion Canary Sings— and Flies! (Eugene Mallove Editorial)


May/June 2003 - Issue 49 [TOC]
bulletBring Me the Head of Maxwell's Demon (for purchase) (Kevin Varner)
bulletThe Heretic Life (Eugene Mallove Editorial)


March/April 2003 - Issue 48 [TOC]
bulletNikola Tesla— Man of Three Centuries (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletTesla & The Aether (Eugene Mallove)
bulletBook Review: Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature (Thomas Valone, ed.)


January/February 2003 - Issue 47 [TOC]
bulletCold Fusion Returns to MIT (Eugene Mallove Editorial)

November/December 2002- Issue 46 [TOC]
bulletThe Implications of the "Big Bang" (Eugene Mallove Editorial)


September/October 2002 - Issue 45 [TOC]
bulletA Matter of Gravity (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe "Lifter" Phenomenon: Electrogravitics, Antigravity, and More (Eugene Mallove)
bullet"Free Energy" Device in Speedway Demonstration
bulletBook Review: Quest for Zero-Point Energy: Engineering Principles for "Free Energy" (Moray B. King)
bulletDevice and Testing Update


July/August 2002 - Issue 44 [TOC]
bulletThe Boundaries of Cold Fusion (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletNinth International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF9) Meets in Beijing, China
bulletU.S. Navy Report Supports Cold Fusion
bulletDirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy (for purchase) (Don Hotson)
bulletDevice and Testing Update


May/June 2002 - Issue 43 [TOC]
bulletThe Corruption of Physics (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletDirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy (for purchase) (Don Hotson)
bulletPerpetual Motion in the 21st Century (for purchase) (Kevin Varner)
bulletDevice and Testing Update


March/April 2002 - Issue 42 [TOC]
bulletOn Being Observant, and Accountable (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletBreaking News: New Sonofusion Claims in Science
bulletDevice and Testing Update

January/February 2002 - Issue 41 [TOC]
bulletDemonstrating Aether Energy (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletLessons from the Enron Collapse (Jed Rothwell)
bulletLandmark Cold Fusion Patent Issued
bulletDevice and Testing Update


November/December 2001 - Issue 40 [TOC]
bulletDear Mr. President (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe Mystery of the Schappeller Device (for purchase) (Henry Stevens)
bulletDevice and Testing Update


September/October 2001 - Issue 39 [TOC]
bulletAether Science and Technology (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThar She Blows (Bennett Davis)
bulletDevice and Testing Update


July/August 2001 - Issue 38 [TOC]
bulletThe Einstein Myths— Of Space, Time, and Aether  (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe Bush/Cheney Energy Plan (John McClaughry)
bulletDevice and Testing Update
bulletCommentary on Maxwell's Equations and Special Relativity Theory (for purchase) (William Cantrell)
bulletDayton Miller's Ether-Drift Experiments (for purchase) (James DeMeo)
bulletAxis Calibration: The Thing Einstein Forgot (for purchase) (Thomas Phipps, Jr.)


May/June 2001 - Issue 37 [TOC]
bulletA Bombshell in Science (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe Mysteries and Myths of Heat: A Brief History of Hot and Cold  (Eugene Mallove)
bulletDevice and Testing Update


March/April 2001 - Issue 36 [TOC]
bulletThe Oceans of "Free Energy" (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletCold Fusion, the Titanic Disaster Aftermath, and the Internet (Jed Rothwell)
bulletThe “Occult Chemistry”: The Amazing Phenomenon of ESP of Nuclear Stucture and Subatomic Particles (Mahadeva Srinivasan)
bulletThe California Electric Power Crisis and Alternative Energy (Jed Rothwell)
bulletDevice and Testing Update
bulletEncounter with a Cover-Up: Examining a Forbidden Report  (Eugene Mallove)


January/February 2001 - Issue 35 [TOC]
bulletEthics in the Cold Fusion Controversy (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletDevice and Testing Update
bulletBook Review: Discovery of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon (Hideo Kozima)


November/December 2000 - Issue 34 [TOC]
bulletNew Energy and the News Media (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe Coming Energy Crisis (Dohn Riley)
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update
bulletBook Review: Biological Transmutation (C. Louis Kervran)


September/October 2000 - Issue 33 [TOC]
bulletWater— The Omnipresent Enigma (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update


July/August 2000 - Issue 32 [TOC]
bulletAnomalies, “Infinite Oil,” and Cold Fusion (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletSummary Report on ICCF8: The Eighth International Conference on Cold Fusion
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update
bulletBook Review: Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Prevailed (Charles G. Beaudette)
bulletThe Triumph of Alchemy: Professor John Bockris and the Transmutation Crisis at Texas A&M (Eugene Mallove)


May/June 2000 - Issue 31 [TOC]
bulletWelcome ICCF8, Liberate Science! (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletLighting a Path to Distribute Renewable Power to the Third World (Bennett Davis)
bulletAPS Meeting Hosts Second Cold Fusion Session
bulletDevice and Testing Updates


March/April 2000 - Issue 30 [TOC]
bulletThe Collapse of the NHE Project (Jed Rothwell)
bulletReport on Calorimetric Studies at the NHE Laboratory in Sapporo, Japan (Melvin Miles)
bulletScience, Scientism, and Meaning (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletCritical Review Dissects Voodoo Science
bulletThe Future of Palladium (and Palladium Futures) (Les Case)


January/February 2000 - Issue 29 [TOC]
bulletCold Fusion Memo to the White House
bulletThe Sins of the Fathers (Jeff Kooistra Editorial)
bulletAliens from the Basement (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update


November/December 1999 - Issue 28 [TOC]
bulletThe Bright Shining Hope (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletINE Symposium '99 in Salt Lake City
bulletCritics Kill Prof. George Miley's Historic U.S. DOE Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Contract
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update
bulletA Visit to Hokkaido University (Jed Rothwell)


September/October 1999 - Issue 27 [TOC]
bulletNuclear Transmutation Reaction Caused by Light Water Electrolysis on Tungsten Cathode Under Incandescent Conditions (for purchase) (T. Ohmori and T. Mizuno)
bullet“Miracles” Happen (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletChallenge to Very Good Science: Prof. George Miley's Historic U.S. DOE Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Contract Attacked by Cold Fusion Critics
bulletThree Decades of Cold Fusion Prior to Pons and Fleischmann (Peter Graneau, Neal Graneau)
bulletDevice and Testing Updates
bulletIs the Occurrence of Cold Nuclear Reactions Widespread Throughout Nature? (John Bockris, Eugene Mallove)


July/August 1999 - Issue 26 [TOC]
bulletNeutron Formation by Electron Penetration of the Nucleus (for purchase) (Thomas Phipps, Jr.)
bulletDeuteron Dimerization Reactions Inside Metal Crystals (for purchase) (Talbot Chubb, Scott Chubb)
bulletThe Power of the Sun...Down to Earth (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletReaching the New Energy Frontier: An Interview with James "Scotty" Doohan
bullet"Cold Fusion Night At the Movies"
bulletTransistors and Cold Fusion - Part 2 (Jed Rothwell)
bulletConference on Future Energy
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update


May/June 1999- Issue 25 [TOC]
bulletCold Fusion: Fire from Water (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletWhy Does Lightning Explode and Generate MHD Power? (Peter Graneau)
bulletPress Responses to the Tenth Anniversary of Cold Fusion
bulletTransistors and Cold Fusion - Part 1 (Jed Rothwell)
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update


March/April 1999 - Issue 24 [TOC]
bulletTen Years That Shook Physics (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update
bulletNuclear Reactions in the Pd/D System: The Pre-History and History of Our Early Research (Martin Fleischmann)
bulletMIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report (Eugene Mallove)
bulletMy Life with Cold Fusion as a Reluctant Mistress (Edmund Storms)


January/February 1999 - Issue 23 [TOC]
bulletCold Fusion: Fire from Water (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletCSICOP: "Science Cops" at War with Cold Fusion (Eugene Mallove)
bulletProgress in Les Case's Catalytic Fusion (Gene Mallove, Les Case, Michael McKubre)
bulletNon-Stellar Nucleosynthesis (for purchase) (H.E. "Chip" Ransford)


October/November 1998 - Issue 22 [TOC]
bulletProfiles of the Future (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletArthur C. Clarke: The Man Who "Predicted" Cold Fusion and Modern Alchemy
bullet2001: The Coming Age of Hydrogen Power (Arthur C. Clarke)
bulletWIRED Magazine Publishes Exposé on Cold Fusion in its November 1998 Issue
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update


August/September 1998 - Issue 21 [TOC]
bulletThe Passage of Time (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletDevice and Process Testing Update
bulletNeutralizing Nuclear Waste Using Applied Physics (for purchase) (Paul Brown)
bulletHans Coler's Free Energy Generators (for purchase) (Robert Nelson)
bulletCold Fusion Revisited (for purchase) (Edmund Storms)


June/July 1998 - Issue 20 [TOC]
bulletHands-On Cold Fusion (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletArthur C. Clarke Speaks Out on Cold Fusion in Science Magazine


April/May 1998 - Issue 19 [TOC]
bulletThe End of the Beginning (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe Seventh International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF7)
bulletMotor-in-a-Wheel: An Application of the Marinov Motor (for purchase) (Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.)


February/March 1998 - Issue 18 [TOC]
bulletWelcome ICCF7—Seeing the Big Picture (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletReview of Arata and Zhang's Cold Fusion: Excess Heat and Helium Production (Mike Carrell)
Nuclear Augmented Combustion Emerges (for purchase) (Eugene Mallove, Harry Taplin)


December 1997/January 1998 - Issue 17 [TOC]
bulletNew Physics, Life Saving and Philanthropy (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletAsti Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen/Deuterium Loaded Metals
bulletBook Review: Nuclear Transmutation: The Reality of Cold Fusion (Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno)
Book Review: Heretical Verities: Mathematical Themes in Physical Description (Thomas Phipps)
bulletCincinnati Group & Trenergy Press Releases
bulletAn Interview with Dr. Randell L. Mills of BlackLight Power


July - November 1997 - Issue 15/16 [TOC]
bulletElectro-Alchemy and Beyond (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bullet"Cold Fusion" and Modern Alchemy (Eugene Mallove)
bulletCincinnati Group Remediation: More Evidence (Hal Fox, Shang-Xian Jin)
bulletJapanese New Hydrogen Energy (Cold Fusion) Program to End Spring 1998


March - June 1997 - Issue 13/14 [TOC]
bulletExtracting Intermolecular Bond Energy From Water (Peter Graneau)
bulletChampion of Aether Energy: The Robert Adams Story (for purchase) (Lenora Anderson)
bulletComets, Cold Fusion and Alchemy (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletClean Energy Technology, Inc. (CETI) Demonstrates Excess Heat & Radiation Remediation - Transcript of GMA Program
bulletCarl Sagan and Cold Fusion (Eugene Mallove)
bulletCold Fusion and the Future Part 2 - A Look at Economics and Society (Jed Rothwell)
bulletBBC Interview with Martin Fleischmann (May 1997)
bulletRadioactive Remediation — Cincinnati Group


January/February 1997 - Issue 12 [TOC]
bulletDr. Randell Mills and the Power of BlackLight (for purchase) (Eugene Mallove)
bulletDeceptive Appearances (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletCold Fusion and the Future Part 1 - Revolutionary Technology (Jed Rothwell)


November/December 1996 - Issue 11 [TOC]
bulletIs New Physics Needed? (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletAn Interview with Professor Martin Fleischmann


September/October 1996 - Issue 10 [TOC]
bulletOutrageous—Squared! (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletReview of the Sixth International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF6)
bulletGaining Solar Energy from Ordinary Water (for purchase) (Peter Graneau)
bulletSpeculative Interpretation of Over-Unity Experiments Involving Water Electrolysis (for purchase) (John O'M. Bockris)


July/August 1996 - Issue 9 [TOC]
bulletNuclear Transmutations in Thin-Film Nickel Coatings Undergoing Electrolysis (George Miley, James Patterson)
bulletSuperpower, Inc. (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe Wright Brothers and Cold Fusion (Jed Rothwell)


May/June 1996 - Issue 8 [TOC]
bulletStranger than Fiction (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletThe Reality of Perpetual Motion (for purchase) (Harold Aspden)


March/April 1996 - Issue 7 [TOC]
bulletCheap Electricity Now! (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletCold Fusion and New Energy-An Environmentalist's Perspective (Nick Palmer)


November 1995/February 1996 - Issue 5/6 [TOC]
bulletInfinite in All Directions (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletInfinite Energy Sponsors 1996 Cold Fusion and New Energy Symposium, January 20th at Cambridge Marriott Hotel
bulletTranscript of Good Morning America's Program on the Patterson Power Cell


September/October 1995 - Issue 4 [TOC]
bulletIgnition!  We have lift off! (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletWhy all the Static? (Jeff Kooistra)

July/August 1995 - Issue 3 [TOC]
bulletThe Tip of an Iceberg (Eugene Mallove Editorial)


May/June 1995 - Issue 2 [TOC]
bulletCold Fusion Goes Commercial (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletA Development Approach for Cold Fusion (Bruce Klein)
bulletHighlights of the Fifth International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF5)


March/April 1995 - Issue 1 [TOC]
bulletWhy Infinite Energy? (Eugene Mallove Editorial)
bulletCold Fusion: From Reasons to Doubt to Reasons to Believe (Edmund Storms)
bulletCold Fusion: A Brief History of Mine (Julian Schwinger)

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