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Applying for a New Energy Foundation Research Grant
As charitable contributions accumulate at New Energy Foundation (NEF), some funds will be assigned to worthwhile scientific research and engineering development projects in new energy. In some cases, specifics donor will be approached to fund a particular project, but when possible the NEF R&D grant will be awarded from the general charitable fund.

While our discretionary fund is relatively small, we encourage prospective applicants to apply for funding, because we hope that the growing roster of worthy, approved projects that need to be funded will encourage charitable benefactors to donate. Furthermore, we at NEF need to form a better picture of the quantity and character of quality research in new energy that is in need of funding. We already know of many such projects, but how many more may be lurking unnoticed is not known. So, after reading our criteria and application procedure, please do apply for funding if there appears to be a fit.

Please be aware that we cannot accept applications for ill-defined projects, or claims of experimental results or device performance that cannot be verified in a straightforward and cost-effective way. Project budgets should not include extensive start-up costs for operating a company or excessive payroll or overhead.

Research and Development Interests of the New Energy Foundation
NEF is very interested in any and all research that will further the goals of achieving technological devices in new energy generation and propulsion-devices that embody new, controversial physics. NEF is not interested in conventional renewable projects, such as conventional solar power, wind power, and hydrogen fuel cells—these are old energy (energy forms that are well known and accepted). NEF is also interested in alternative medical or biological investigations and treatment when it is suspected that a previously not understood physics is at work in the novel biomedical system.

Though NEF very much appreciates theoretical work in the new energy field, it will not fund speculation done on paper to develop and explore new scientific theories per se. NEF will only fund work that involves the gathering of experimental or other observational evidence. NEF is only interested in research that explores radically new physics principles, and is especially interested in devices and processes with a claimed over-unity character—more energy output than input—or the device is "self-sustaining" (no input power provided from a conventional source).

NEF will encourage that work funded will lead to publication of results—either in Infinite Energy or another technical publication. NEF is especially interested in small, portable and marketable devices that exhibit surprising effects that are not explainable within presently accepted physics. The outcome of an R&D project does not have to be a new energy device that powers a house or heats a room! Scale-up can come later. The first priority is to develop new energy devices—even very small ones that can be put into broad circulation so that old paradigms are thereby unsettled or demolished. As a non-profit corporation, NEF may work with for-profit entities to help get their new energy demonstration devices onto market.

NEF Grant Application Procedure
NEF prefers to receive grant applications via e-mail. Applications will also be accepted via mail. E-mail applications and attachments to Christy Frazier, General Manager at

Applications can be mailed to:
New Energy Foundation
P.O. Box 2816
Concord, NH 03302-2816

[Click here to download a PDF of the grant application]
[A Word version is also available]
Please be sure to provide the basic information that is requested on the application. Applicants are encouraged to provide attachments such as images, test results, papers, and resumes. After an initial review of the application, NEF may request that the applicant submit further documentation about the technology (video, independent testing, etc.).

Incomplete applications will not be processed immediately, and will not be processed at all if NEF does not receive complete additional information within a timely fashion when requested.

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged. You will be notified when your application has been reviewed more thoroughly and you will receive an appraisal about the prospects for funding.

Applications are reviewed semi-regularly; it can often take a few months for NEF’s Board to consider applications, but you will be notified as soon as any decision is reached.

If you believe that to protect your intellectual property you require NEF to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you before sending your full application, please send your NDA first. If it is acceptable, it will be signed and returned to you and you can then send your application. We have appended our standard NDA form to this section, but applicants can provide their own NDA. [Click here to download the NDA Form.] Thank you for applying!

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