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"There is almost no area of human activity that would not be dramatically affected by the advent of new energy technology— especially matters of war or peace and health and the environment."
  — Dr. Eugene F. Mallove



infinite energy

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
eugene mallove
June 9, 1947 - May 14, 2004


  gene mallove
Gene Mallove, mid-1980s
  gene mallove
Gene at Society for Scientific Exploration Meeting, June 2001
  gene mallove
Gene with his wife Joanne and mom Gladys, December 2003
  gene mallove
Gene and wife Joanne atop Mt. Major (NH), October 2003
  gene mallove
Gene and Joanne with daughter Kim, son-in-law Patrick and new grandson Matthew, February 2004
  gene mallove
Gene and Joanne with their new grandson Matthew, February 2004
  gene mallove
Gene Mallove, summer 2003
  ie 56 cover
Photo of Gene from the early 1990s, holding cold fusion cell (image used on memorial cover)
  gene mallove
Gene at a scientific meeting in 1999
  gene mallove
Taken in the late 1980s during his time working at the MIT News Office
  gene mallove
Joanne and Gene Mallove in 1970
  gene mallove
Gene and Joanne with their grandson Matthew, February 2004
  gene mallove
Gene during his college years at MIT, 1967
  gene mallove
Gene and Joanne were married on September 9, 1970
  gene mallove
Gene with his parents, Gladys and Mitchel, in the 1950s

Infinite Energy and New Energy Foundation founder Dr. Eugene Mallove was murdered on May 14, 2004. His death has left a tremendous void in not only the daily lives of those who loved him, but also within the new energy field. Gene was a long-time advocate for new energy science and technology and perhaps the most well-known spokesperson for the field.

We were unsure whether the magazine and non-profit could continue without Gene's energy and commitment. Ultimately, we decided that we had to make a go of it, to try to carry on with Gene's vision. The magazine continues to have a dedicated audience and even though Gene's voice in its pages is desperately missed, Infinite Energy continues to publish. With the support of our fantastic donors, the non-profit New Energy Foundation has also been able to dole out over $1 million in grants to new energy researchers or organizations since Gene founded the organization in 2003.

Infinite Energy #56 was a tribute to Gene's life and work from his family and friends, published just after his murder. You only need to read one of these remembrances to understand what a kind, devoted person Gene Mallove was—but we hope that you will read them all to better learn the many facets of Gene's personality, interests and endeavors:

In Memory of My Father (Kimberlyn Mallove Woodard)
24 Years Is Far Too Few (Ethan Mallove)
Eugene Ma-Love (Jana Goldstein Scher)
Memorializing Gene (Bill Zebuhr)
Of Flying Pigs and Starry Skies (Christy Frazier)
Memories of a Colleague (Barbara DelloRusso)
My Unexpected Challenge (James Kornberg)
A Few Words Dedicated to Dr. Eugene Mallove (Mitchell Swartz & Gayle Verner)
Homage to a Peerless Friend (Paulo and Alexandra Correa)
Gene Mallove: From Before Cold Fusion Through Tragedy (Dean Musgrave)
Galileo of Our Time: In Memory of Dr. Eugene Mallove (Brian O'Leary)
The Leading Light of Cold Fusion (George Miley)
Gene Mallove's Magic (Scott Chubb)
In Memory of a Fallen Friend (Stephen Kaplan)
Remembering Gene Mallove (Mike Carrell)

Additional tribute material was later published:

The Longest Year: Mourning the Loss of Eugene Mallove (Kimberlyn Woodard, Ethan Mallove and Jana Scher)
In Recognition of Eugene Mallove, His Promethean Quest and His Magic (Scott Chubb and Thomas Valone)
Finding the Truth About the Furor and Other Thoughts About the Cold Fusion Controversy on the Fourth Anniversary of Gene Mallove’s Death (Scott Chubb)

Gene began publishing the bi-monthly Infinite Energy in early 1995. In 55 issues, he wrote captivating editorials. He was a prolific writer, authoring or co-authoring over 130 other pieces in the magazine. We have archived many of Gene’s Infinite Energy articles and editorials on our site (browse the Table of Contents for each issue, or search “Mallove”). Here are direct links to some of our favorites:

The Tip of an Iceberg (Issue 3 Editorial)
Stranger Than Fiction (Issue 5 Editorial)
Carl Sagan and Cold Fusion (Issue 13/14)
Sir Arthur C. Clarke Challenges the Scientific Community with Provocative Essay in Science (Issue 20)
Wired Magazine Publishes Expose of the Cold Fusion Scandal (Issue 22)
CSICOP “Science Cops” at War with Cold Fusion (Issue 23)
MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report (Issue 24)
Ten Years That Shook Physics (Issue 24 Editorial)
Press Responses to the Tenth Anniversary of Cold Fusion (Issue 15)
The Bright Shining Hope (Issue 28 Editorial)
Aliens from the Basement (Issue 29 Editorial)
The Triumph of Alchemy: Dr. John Bockris and the Transmutation Crisis at Texas A&M (Issue 32)
Water: The Omnipresent Enigma (Issue 33 Editorial)
Ethics in the Cold Fusion Controversy (Issue 35 Editorial)
The Mysteries and Myths of Heat (Issue 37)
The Einstein Myths—Of Space, Time and Aether (Issue 38 Editorial)
The Implications of the “Big Bang” (Issue 46 Editorial)
Cold Fusion Returns to MIT (Issue 47 Editorial)
Tesla and the Aether (Issue 48)
Nikola Tesla: Man of Three Centuries (Issue 48 Editorial)
The Heretic Life: Publishing Against the Grain (Issue 49 Editorial)
The Mystery and Legacy of Joseph Papp’s Noble Gas Engine (Issue 51)
The “New” Solar Power (Issue 53 Editorial)
Radioactivity Reborn (Issue 54)
New Energy and Early Aeronautics: The Perils and Rewards of Visionaries (Issue 54)
Hydrogen Fuel Cells and the “Hydrogen Economy” (Issue 55)

Gene had a science journalism career long before he started Infinite Energy. He wrote three popular science books: The Quickening Universe: Cosmic Evolution and Human Destiny, The Starflight Handbook: A Pioneer’s Guide to Interstellar Travel and Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor.

Gene published extensively in the Washington Post “Outlook” section in the 1980s. Before forming Infinite Energy, Gene was editor for the three print issues of Cold Fusion in 1994. While he wrote numerous pieces for that short-lived magazine (which became a newsletter helmed by publisher Wayne Green), we reproduce here Gene’s three editorials from Cold Fusion:

Why “Cold Fusion”? (Issue 1, May 1994)
The Race for Cold Fusion Applications (Issue 2, June 1994)
What To Do About Uncle Sam? (Issue 3, July/August 1994)

Gene Mallove's impressive biography provides an overview of his many accomplishments. See the Wikipedia entry for additional details about Gene’s career. In addition, visit the Gene Mallove Collection which offers an in-depth look at the complete history including videos, articles, photos and more.



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