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Rossi / Industrial Heat Lawsuit

For the sake of ease for our readers, we are herein condensing various reporting on the Andrea Rossi lawsuit against Industrial Heat, with links to the primary documents in order of appearance.

The website PacerMonitor logs all activity in the suit, filed in Florida Southern District Court (Case # 1:16-cv-21199).

Andrea Rossi filed a civil complaint and demand for jury trial against Industrial Heat on April 5, 2016.

Marianne Macy interviewed patent attorney David French (Infinite Energy #127) about the merits and ramifications of the suit.

Marianne Macy wrote about the intricacies of reporting on an LENR lawsuit (Infinite Energy #127), and provided updates from scientists working in the field.

Industrial Heat filed a motion to dismiss response to Rossi's suit on June 2, 2016.

Rossi et al. filed an opposition to IH's motion to dismiss on June 17.

On June 29, Industrial Heat responded to Rossi's opposition to their motion to dismiss.

On July 19, Judge Cecelia M. Altonaga submitted a decision on the motion to dismiss filed by Industrial Heat, with some Rossi allegations dismissed. David French summarized the decision for Infinite Energy.

On August 5, Industrial Heat filed an answer, with an amended version filed on August 11. The answer has about 30 exhibits.

The Infusion Institute has compiled most of the case files.

A settlement was reached between Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat on July 6, 2017. A story may appear in Infinite Energy with the details of the trial and settlement.

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