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Breaking Through Editorial: The Bright Shining Hope
(Published November, 1999 In Infinite Energy Magazine Issue #28)
by Dr. Eugene Mallove
The Sun shines on the deep blue ocean energy for humanity. We now know that the nuclear-scale energy locked within the hydrogen in the billion cubic kilometers or more of water on this planet is too large to imagine. The peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed scientific literature in this field proves that. For all practical purposes for humanity, this new energy from water is infinite. We should seize the day and develop this energy, but we are not doing so, at least not at a speed most of our readers desire.

It is November 1999, only a few weeks to the millennium date change. Only a few primitive primates on a strife-torn, noisy planet, banded together now with a magazine, journals, newsletters, Internet, and World Wide Web are listening to this message. Shall we call this species Homo Absurdus? Perhaps. Mother Nature offers us valuable gifts and we reject them.

What the acceptance and development of the infinite energy resource in water-"cold fusion," Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions, or hydrocatalytic hydrogen power of BlackLight Power Corporation transcends our ordinary means of describing things. The scenarios that would unfold following the Great Turn-Around of acceptance are apparently just not believable to the bulk of humanity. The hope is just "too good to be true" and, besides, they are told by Establishment scientists and press that cold fusion is being purveyed by shysters and crackpots of science, in the house of politics, in the general and scientific media, and in the realm of financial and environmental discussions. For all practical purposes, this field does not exist. Correction: It exists to be beaten up for sport by professional know-it-all hacks, such as Dr. Robert Park of the American Physical Society (see p. 30 of Infinite Energy Issue No. 28).

There is hope, however, to turn all this around, perhaps a bright shining hope. As I stated in my last editorial, no utilitarian, scaled-up cold fusion heaters or electric generators have been marketed. This is the Achilles heel of cold fusion science, used against us interminably by the critics.

Unfortunately there are also no "miracles" report this time that will change this any time soon. Contrary to my editorial in Issue No. 27, "'Miracles' Happen," the Boscoli "warm fusion" process for which we had held such high hopes has shattered right before our very eyes. Please read the report in this issue of my visit to Italy (p. 10 of Infinite Energy Issue No. 28). I planned to examine and witness experiments to substantiate this patent-applied-for, high-temperature process. Instead, this visit degenerated quickly into a tragic farce, as the CEO of Paradigm Energy Corporation, David Cappelletti, was unable or unwilling to pry any convincing data out of the recalcitrant and evidently paranoid Renzo Boscoli. Boscoli has now decided to go in another direction: the production of copious energetic neutrons, which he believes he can turn directly into electricity. Frankly, this looks to us like a lame excuse not to come clean on what he has or has not achieved. This is one of the most unfortunate episodes that I have ever encountered in the long, weary years of the Cold Fusion War. As we have said many times to ourselves here at Infinite Energy, "With 'friends' like these, we don't need enemies."

I wish to apologize to our many loyal readers for having raised their hopes unnecessarily, only to have to bring them down with this depressing disintegration of the Boscoli claims. If this man, Renzo Boscoli, has ever proved to himself that he has nuclear-scale excess energy in his systems, let him step forward and publish his data the way other cold fusion scientists have done this past decade. Our pages are open to him, but we do not expect he will allow anything of substance to be published.

A man who encodes his data in lab notebooks and hides that data from the man dollars is not to be trusted. That is obvious. It is also outrageous and unethical that Cappelletti did not tell this Editor about the state of affairs before we went to press with Issue No. 27. In fact, he baited us then and before my recent trip to visit the lab in Italy with promises that the great Renzo Boscoli would soon be coming out with more papers for this magazine to publish. Boscoli is also a hypocrite. He claims to be supportive of the cold fusion field, yet he will not supply any evidence of experimental success. As I left him in Italy, he smiled and said that I was "like a lion" defending the cold fusion field. Subsequently I learned from Cappelletti that Boscoli was extremely upset with me for having used a tape measure to determine the length of his warm fusion apparatus. I was told by the Cappelletti crowd that I "was not sensitive to the ways of Italian scientists." Baloney! No such behavior would have occurred in the laboratory of any of the Italian scientists I know.

So, what is the "bright shining hope" amidst this gloom? People! There is a tenacity among the individuals in the cold fusion research community that will not let this fall into oblivion. The power is in the people of cold fusion/new energy to bring power to the people. Lives, treasures, and health have been lost by many who have been pursuing this revolutionary science since 1989 and before. Still, the pool of intellectual power grows steadily and new scientific and industry converts are made every day. We need a catalyzing demonstration concrete embodiment of excess energy Turn-Around.

When such a table-top demonstration device is in wide circulation among high schools, colleges, and industry, the opposition to this field will collapse into a large pile of ash. Yes, the small water-fueled excess heat cell will be the weapon that ends the Cold Fusion War. An entrepreneurial revolution will follow that will make the personal computer and Internet revolutions look tame. It will be the beginning of the end for the business-as-usual corrupt Scientific Establishment that has sucked the life-blood of hope out of humanity on this issue for the past decade.

Some of professorial stature in the cold fusion field don't like to think in these terms. They don't like these kinds of editorials, or so I have heard. Many of them would prefer to live in peaceful coexistence with that Establishment in which they grew up. That is a dream. It will not happen. The cold fusion revolution will either end with a bang or it will die with a whimper. Gradualism paper after scientific paper in this field (necessary as those papers are!) we predict, will fail utterly. We wish the world did not work that way, but it does. That is one instance in which we'd like to be proved wrong.

We will meet again in 2000, a time of transition for cold fusion and new energy.

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