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New Independent E-Cat Report Shows
Large Energy Release, Isotopic Changes


A much-anticipated third party report on the E-Cat (“Observation of Abundant Heat Production from a Reactor Device and of Isotopic Changes in the Fuel”) was released on October 8. The 32-day test was performed by a group from Italy’s Bologna University (Giuseppe Levi), Sweden’s Uppsala University (Bo Hoistad, Roland Pettersson, Lars Tegner), the Royal Institute of Technology (Hanno Essen) and an independent scientist from Bologna (Evelyn Foschi). These scientists participated in earlier E-Cat 100-hour tests and filed a 2013 report on those tests. The new test improved upon measurement methods and chemical analysis, and operated continuously for 32 days.

An excess energy of 5825 MJ was produced. Temperature peaked over 1400°C. A dramatic shift occurred in isotopic composition of the nickel-lithium fuel after the test, with shifts to Ni-62 and depletion of other Ni isotopes, as well as a shift in lithium isotopes. A brief summary of the well documented test includes the following basic data: Input Energy = .64 MWh, Output Energy = 2.26 MWh, with an excess energy of 1.5 MWh, over 768 hours of continuous operation, with an average COP of 3.52. This is remarkable for a reactor the size of a nightstick maglight with only 1 gram of known fuel which provided an average thermal output of 1.96 kilowatts of net energy for a duration of 32 days of run time (with no recharge), for a total net energy production of over 1.5 MWh.

More detailed reporting will follow soon, including a summary of the report by SRI’s Dr. Michael McKubre, a recognized expert in the LENR community.





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