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infinite energy

Infinite Energy Magazine

Issue 108 of Infinite Energy contains a new theoretical paper by chemist Edmund Storms, "Cold Fusion from a Chemist's Point of View," followed by a number of reviews/critiques by colleagues in the LENR/cold fusion field.

Early last fall, Storms submitted this paper to IE. In discussions with Storms, we realized that his paper would be a useful starting point to begin an open dialogue within IE about approaches to cold fusion theory. In September, IE asked over 20 scientists involved in the study of cold fusion/LENR to consider the theoretical approach proposed by Storms, and to prepare a detailed critique of the paper, including agreements and disagreements with the theory, and how the theory “holds up” compared to other theories in the field. An overall theme of the discussion was intended to be the general way in which theory should be judged in science.

Ultimately, seven of our colleagues provided reviews. Originally ten had agreed to comment, while numerous others were not willing to participate. Though some important voices are missing from this discussion, the seven critiques we received do generally assess the Storms theory, and the overall issues related to theoretical approaches to cold fusion. IE received commentaries from: David Nagel, Xing-Zhong Li, Jones Beene, Vladimir Vysotskii, Jean-Paul Biberian, Andrew Meulenberg and Ed Pell. Storms will publish a short response to these critiques in our next issue, perhaps with added notes from some of the participants.

We are honored that MIT Prof. Peter Hagelstein, a renowned cold fusion theorist, agreed to write a guest editorial for this special issue, "On Theory and Science Generally in Connection with the F-P Experiment." Jean-Paul Biberian, a contributor to this issue’s theory exercise and editor of the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, will guest edit another special issue on theory (#112, Nov/Dec 2013).

IE welcomes from its readers—including colleagues in the field—letters or short papers that either consider the material presented in Issue 108 or discuss the role of theory generally.


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